Shustoke Barn Winter Wedding

Cast your minds back to February 2017......

Storm Doris....remember her? Well she decided to pay a visit on the day that Natalie & Andrew got married at Shustoke Barns!  In all of the years that I have been photographing weddings, this was the first time that we couldn't get one, single, outdoor photograph.  But, being the professional that I am haha, I accepted the challenge willingly.  It's because of circumstances like this that I always recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture your big day, you can be sure that no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, you will still have amazing memories to look back on. 

Take a look through my favourite images from the day, not one outdoor photograph in sight (ok...there's one where Natalie dashed from the car to the venue!) but didn't phase me and I don't think Natalie and Andrew were in the slightest bit bothered either.  The both looked stunning and we all stayed toasty and dry inside. 

If you're planning a winter wedding then get in touch as I offer discounts for weddings taking place during November to Feb (excluding the Christmas and New Year period)