This is a very special blog post for me today.....

When I first met Jenny & Kirk it was totally clear that their wedding day was going to be amazing! During our first meeting, Jenny and I realised that we grew up on the same street....just a few metres away from each other (we'll ignore the fact that I was well into secondary school before she was born!!). We all shared a love of music, Kirk is a fantastic guitarist/ should really check out his band's Facebook page The reasons that we got along were endless and after that first meeting I felt like I'd gained a couple of new friends. 

So this of course meant that their wedding day was THE best. Pendrell Hall is an outstanding venue, I have another wedding to blog here very soon. The details that Jenny & Kirk had decided on for their wedding day were just beautiful....THOSE paper bouquets, the lace details on her bare feet, I just loved everything. 

I hope you'll love this wedding as much as I do.....especially the moment when Jenny presented Kirk with his dream guitar....that moment was priceless!!!!!!