I am so very very lucky that my job takes me to some of the most beautiful places with special access that most people would never get to experience. 

I'd visited the Holy Island of Lindesfarne before....as a tourist and fell in love with the peaceful, tranquility of the place. To get married in the chapel there you have to have a family connection so it's rarely used for this purpose. For Emma and Robert, it's a very special place as Robert's parents are both buried there....as you can imagine, there was no other place in the world that would have been as perfect for their marriage. 

After the ceremony, everyone climbed aboard the vintage red bus back to Emma & Robert's home in Horncliffe where there was a marquee on the lawn, beautifully decorated by Lindsey and her team from Get Knotted

I'l let the rest of the images speak for themselves but if you would ever like to visit Holy Island, then check out Emma's Holiday Lettings company, Crabtree & Crabtree