Bailey & Garrett001

When I think about Bailey and Garrett's stunning day back in July, it still amazes me how it all came together! How does an engaged couple from Washington, USA end up in a fairytale castle near the Scottish Borders, getting married with a Photographer from the West Midlands???? That's the power of Google for you!

Well it did happen...and what a simply beautiful day it was.  Bailey and Garrett's wedding was an intimate affair with just 27 of their family and friends flying over from the States to share the day with them.  I just LOVED everything about this wedding....Duns Castle, the blush pink dress, the crazy American men in Kilts, the mist that rolled in as the sun went down but most of all the people. My self and my second shooter Pam Hordon were made to feel so was truly a pleasure to spend the day in their company.

I hope you enjoy the images from this wedding as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Bailey & Garrett013
Bailey & Garrett028
Bailey & Garrett042
Bailey & Garrett061
Bailey & Garrett088
Bailey & Garrett107
Bailey & Garrett133
Bailey & Garrett143
Bailey & Garrett156
Bailey & Garrett163
Bailey & Garrett186
Bailey & Garrett195
Bailey & Garrett214
Bailey & Garrett217
Bailey & Garrett228
Bailey & Garrett233
Bailey & Garrett261
Bailey & Garrett265
Bailey & Garrett280
Bailey & Garrett298
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