Ian & Steph184

I really couldn't wait to share this wedding with you today because I just love it so much!  Steph and Ian chose the beautiful Stanbrook Abbey as their wedding venue, a stunning venue, steeped in history....you can feel it in the walls as you wander along the elegant corridors.  As a wedding photographer in the West Midlands I am really excited to have photographed here and really hope I can go back soon as I live quite close. When I arrived at the venue on the morning of the wedding, Ian was keen to show me around and explain the history that lies in the vast building and grounds...I can see why he was so enthusiastic,  apart from the fact that one of his relatives was a Nun who lived in the Abbey (and is buried in the grounds) the whole place is just breathtaking and I can see why they chose it for their day. I think you'll agree as you look through these images that everything was simply breathtaking and I hope you enjoy these images as much as I love taking them.  

Ian & Steph001
Ian & Steph009
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